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Mr. Strain is a manufacturing and operations executive with extensive experience in setting up new manufacturing facilities around the world, as well as significant experience in operations, logistics and purchasing. From an industry perspective, Mr. Strain has spent the majority of his career in energy and technology related manufacturing environments including extensive work with solar panels, air filters, infrared wireless LANs, switching regulators, power supplies and other technology and energy related products. Mr. Strain joined Powershelf in December, 2010.

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Since that time, Mr. Strain managed the Company’s transition to its new Troy, Ohio headquarters, has streamlined purchasing processes, and has worked effectively to reduce material and logistics costs including expansion of the Company’s domestic supplier base. As Operations Manager at Gloria Spire Solar, Mr. Strain managed all phases of the production department including reviewing engineering designs for manufacturability, hiring, training, purchasing, regulatory compliance, and implementation of MRPII. Previous to his tenure and Gloria Spire Solar, Mr. Strain served as Production Manager and/or Operations Manager at several companies including Spire Corp, LLC; Spectrix Corp.; and Power Trends and Micro Energy, Inc. where he also worked with Dr. Kayser. In these positions he has set up numerous production lines, been responsible for the implementation of PC/network-based MRPII systems, streamlined departments, implemented a variety of manufacturing best practices including JIT, MRP and more to successfully reduce inventories, rationalize parts and vendors, and reduce overall material costs. Mr. Strain attended Michigan Technical University and has an EET Associate in Applied Sciences.

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On January 20, 2015

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