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What is Powershelf®?

Powershelf is a leading provider of retail technology solutions. Our proprietary technology provides constant power and two-way communications to software-enabled applications and devices which deliver a variety of advertising, merchandising and pricing services to customers.







Features and Benefits

Many retailers struggle with the inefficiency and cost of traditional pricing labels, negative media attention of out-of-stocks and the low-reliability of battery operated devices currently in the market. Additionally, CPG companies continue to seek ways to influence consumers at critical decision points and differentiate their brands through innovation. The Powershelf® system is a complete retail technology solution that delivers the most reliable and fully-featured shelf level management and insights with major benefits.

SRLs vs ESLs

Powershelf® Smart Retail Labels (SRLs) are the latest evolution of Electronic Shelf Labels (ESLs).SRLs provide retailers with the functionality to compete in today’s omni-channel retail environment.SRLs improve pricing accuracy, improve on-shelf availability, and interact with consumer phones and tablets. These features are integrated into a thin, battery-free design, so there are no battery replacement and disposal costs.Traditional ESLs are inadequate for the omni-channel. ESLs display pricing, but do not interact with consumers, do not track inventory at the shelf, and the batteries they require are an environmental and cost burden.


Who We Are

Powershelf is a leading provider of retail technology solutions. Our proprietary technology - the Powershelf® system - provides constant power and two-way communications to software-enabled applications and devices which deliver a variety of advertising, merchandising and pricing services to customers.
 The Powershelf® system includes out-of-stock replenishment, at-the-shelf video advertising, and electronic shelf label systems that address critical, ongoing challenges faced by retailers and CPG manufacturers.
Powershelf also offers a nationwide network of thousands of highly trained professionals who perform on-the-ground services such as shelf monitoring and restocking, at-the-shelf marketing, and custom installation and maintenance of the Powershelf® system.

Vision & Values

To be the company that helps lower the price of groceries while protecting the environment.

  • Innovation

    We place great value in continuously innovating and investing in value-added solutions and services for the customers we serve. Innovation is the essential ingredient for our long-term success and we believe we can create positive change.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to excellence. We offer reliable, high-quality solutions and services that improve your customers’ shopping experience. Our primary focus is on the customer and their needs. The rest will follow.

  • Integrity

    We act with integrity and must be respectful to all. We believe that being ethical and honest will guide our decision-making and lead to mutual business success for all partners.

  • Passion

    We are passionate about what we do and strive at being the best provider of retail technology solutions and services. We are passionate about making positive change and improving the shopping experience to win in the marketplace.

  • Sustainability

    We are committed to protecting our world and ensuring a better world for future generations. Our products support environmentally sustainable retail operations, and we are committed to the development of green initiatives.

  • Teamwork

    We believe that collaboration is essential to creating the most reliable and highest quality in-store solutions and services. Our diverse thinking, experience, people power, and holistic approach distinguish us from the competition.

Management Team

  • ab_jwhite2

    John White

    Co-CEO and Chairman of the Board

    John White joined the Board of the Company and was named its Chairman and Co-CEO in April 2012. He is the Chairman and CEO of Compass Marketing, Inc., an industry leader in the strategic marketing and sales consultation for many leading global consumer packaged goods companies. He leads sales and strategy development on behalf of Compass’ clients.

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  • ab_mcwilliams

    Larry McWilliams

    Co-CEO and Director

    In September of 2012, Larry McWilliams joined Powershelf as its Co-CEO to lead the company in its efforts to become the leading provider of ESLs in the marketplace. Prior to joining Powershelf, McWilliams served as the President and Chief Executive Officer of Keystone Foods, a $7.5 billion company. Before joining Keystone Foods, McWilliams served as President of Campbell Soup Company’s International Division as well as President of Campbell Soup USA.

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  • mt_earley

    Ronald E. Earley

    President, Chief Operating Officer and Director

    Ron Earley was a twenty-five year employee of Hobart Corporation and had management oversight of the subsidiary which became Powershelf, when it was managed directly by Hobart. He joined the Company as one of its founding employees. He holds a degree in electrical engineering with fifteen years of engineering management experience, the last two of which were with Hobart as Vice President of Engineering for the Food Retail Division.

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  • mt_kayser

    Dr. Kenneth W. Kayser

    Founder and Director

    Dr. Kayser is a graduate of Purdue University where he earned a PhD in aeronautical engineering. He has been an entrepreneur and innovator all of his life. He has demonstrated his ability to conceive solutions, gather the means and resources to develop the solutions into products and then establish companies to provide the products to the marketplace. He invented the core technology which drives the company’s products.

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  • mt_fernandez

    Luis A. Fernandez

    Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Mr. Fernandez is an accomplished executive with more than 20 years of experience across multiple industries and geographies. Mr. Fernandez joined Powershelf and was appointed CFO in December 2010. Before joining Powershelf he was Vice President of Corporate Audit & Consulting at Navistar International, a $15 billion truck and engine manufacturer. Previously, he served on the Financial Leadership Team, as Director of Corporate Audit & Advisory Services, of Dade Behring, Inc., a $2 billion medical device manufacturer.

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  • ab_monserez

    Marty Monserez

    Vice President, Sales and Marketing

    Marty enjoyed a successful 35-year career at Procter & Gamble. He was a member of P&G’s first multi-functional Category Business Team for Pampers, which later became P&G’s standard model for managing brands. He led P&G’s business in the Mass Merchandiser, Drug and Club channels and was later responsible for the national sales strategy and planning for P&G’s Dish and Floor Cleaner Categories. Mr. Monserez led one of the industry’s initial multi-functional customer teams, serving as P&G’s SUPERVALU Team Leader.

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  • mt_strain

    Bob Strain

    Director, Operations

    Mr. Strain is a manufacturing and operations executive with extensive experience in setting up new manufacturing facilities around the world, as well as significant experience in operations, logistics and purchasing. From an industry perspective, Mr. Strain has spent the majority of his career in energy and technology related manufacturing environments including extensive work with solar panels, air filters, infrared wireless LANs, switching regulators, power supplies and other technology and energy related products. Mr. Strain joined Powershelf in December, 2010.

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Advisory Board

In the News

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